2024 Finalists



The 100 Million Campaign

Blessing Chime has worked tirelessly with UNICEF and local government agencies to organize educational workshops in Liberia, and her hometown of Ajegunle, Nigeria, to educate communities about the dangers and lasting effects of child labor. In 2016 Blessing joined 6,000 young people and launched the 100 Million campaign, seeking to break the chains of poverty and exploitation by uniting 100 million young people with 100 million of their underprivileged counterparts. Blessing is also the founder of BeeCee Outlook's Campaign Against Child Labour.

Location: United States of America


Jake Shapiro and Adnan Jabar use technology to create a safe space for young Palestinian and Israelis and transcend political, social and religious divides. Since 2017 and the founding of his Tech2Peace initiative, Jake, Adnan and their team have empowered over 1,404 Israeli and Palestinian young people to build connections that transcend political, social and religious divides. Partnered with leading organizations like Google, Microsoft, and MIT the Tech2Peace has hosted 37 emergency dialogues and programs to a community of young innovators who are modeling peace as a new reality for the region.

Location: Israel

One Day Seyoum

Vanessa Tsehaye, a peacebuilder since childhood, founded the "One Day Seyoum," initiative when she was only 16 years old. Named for her uncle, one of the unjustly imprisoned journalists in Eritrea, One Day Seyoum advocates for the release of journalists and connects Eritrean refugees 1:1 to volunteers, online resources and webinars, study and career guidance. Vanessa’s unwavering commitment has sparked a movement that transcends borders and One Day Seyoum stands as a voice for those who are often silenced in Eritrea and around the world

Location: Eritrea

Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Carlos Eduardo Perez Murcia is a visionary committed to ocean conservation and a leading activist in the preservation of Colombia's marine waters. Through underwater clean-ups and coral restoration projects, he works to preserve ocean life in his community. Carlos has been a vital member of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, the world's largest network of next-gen leaders working to create solutions for the largest challenges facing our ocean. Carlos also runs Shark Clubs for students and has engaged over 1,000 young people in 14 countries to foster love and stewardship of our ocean.

Location: Guatemala

One Million Acres for the Future

Together, Katherine and Carolina lead "One Million Acres for the Future," a grassroots movement founded in 2021, advocating for policy changes in the 2023 Farm Bill. By working with 100 current and aspiring farmers, they aim to facilitate equitable access to one million acres of land, recognizing its critical importance to the environment, economy, and marginalized communities. Calling on Congress to eliminate inequities in land ownership, Katherine and Caroline are laying foundations for the next generation of farmers.

Location: United States of America