Remember your humanity and forget the rest.

Sir Joseph Rotblat

Find Your Inner Laureate

Goal: 12,882 of 10,000 Acts of Peace

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About this Campaign

We are excited to be helping NBC Universal reach 1 million Acts of Kindness this holiday season! We invite you to join us to create as many Acts of Peace as possible between November 28th and December 31st. Please submit your Acts today so we can create a huge impact and flood the news with amazing stories about the best of humanity. We will be sharing some of our Acts in hopes that your Act could be featured on NBC!

Is your family, school, house of worship, team, club, city, business or community doing something to give back this holiday season? Please share it with us and your story or project might appear on NBC! Let's flood the news with good stories this holiday season, and show the very best of humanity together