Every Man, Woman and Child

  Alameda CA  US
    Sep. 01, 2023
Add Your Act of Peace

To say that on a daily basis you can make a difference, well, you can. One act of kindness a day can do it.

Betty Williams

Find Your Inner Laureate

Goal: 0 of 100 Acts of Peace

About this Campaign

Worldwide invitation to participate in activities focused on expanding Human Rights Education . 100 Day countdown to December 10, 2023, the 75th Anniversary of the UDHR. Music materials include multiple genres of the song, scores, recordings, and suggestions for presentations. Music for singers, dancers, Yoga practitioners, teachers, activities directors, orchestras. www.spiralingmusic.com/udhr

How to Get Involved

Participation in 100 Day Countdown to Dec. 10 2023
Choose a project for your group , music to activate Human Rights www.spiralingmusic.com/udhr
Produce a presentation , document, share videos of songs, dances, Yoga , orchestra performances.
100 Day Countdown begins September 1 , 2023.