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I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence.

Shirin Ebadi

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Goal: 3,635 of 3,500 Acts of Peace

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About this Campaign

How to Get Involved

Organize a Film Screening
If you are interested in screening the film and hosting a discussion at your school, University or a community venue, reach out to info@peacejam.org. A study-guide as well as a social screening toolkit are available with additional topics and Calls-to-Action.
Host a Dialogue
  • Reach out to us at info@peacejam.org for more details, a study guide and sample questions to host your dialogue. The packet allows groups to further study the relevant historical events, laws, and ongoing movements leading
Educate Yourself on Iran
Learn more about the courageous work of women leaders across the Middle-East and North Africa before, during, and following the rise of the Arab Springs.
Take Action for the Women of Iran
Join the call for freedom and democracy and support the brave women of Iran who are struggling for their basic human rights.
Join the Global Livestream!
In celebration of Shirin Ebadi's birthday, join us for a free virtual screening of "Until We Are Free" across our platforms.