Join the Peace Olympics!

Earn Points for Spreading Peace!

The Billion Acts Youth team is inviting young people around the world to take part in a series of contests, events, and campaigns to earn Peace Points and unlock rewards, incentives and opportunities throughout 2024.


What are the Peace Olympics?

Get ready to unleash your inner peacemaker in the most epic contest of the year - the Billion Acts Peace Olympics! 🎉🌍

Picture this: a series of mind-blowing contests where every act of Peace, Campaign or Peace Profile you create earns you Peace Points on the Billion Acts website. 🚀🌟 From spreading joy to creating waves of change, every positive action helps you climb to the top of the leaderboard to win prizes and open up more amazing opportunities!

The top Peace Point Olympians will be in the running for next year's Peace Fellowship! 🌐✈️

Join us Feb 23rd for the Launch of the Peace Olympics to meet the new 2024 Peace Olympians, hear wisdom from our Laureates, and fun contests to start earning your Peace Points!

Begin your Olympic Training Now!

1. Create your Account and Peace Profile to earn your first Peace Points

2. Then register for the Feb 23rd Event and earn more Peace Points! Click here

How do I Earn Peace Points?

It's easy to turn your acts of peace into awesome rewards with Peace Points - a cool contest by Billion Acts of Peace, powered by the incredible PeaceJam Foundation and endorsed by 14 Nobel Peace Laureates!

Your Peace Points aren't just points - they're your golden tickets to awesome rewards and incentives such as:

Imagine your project taking center stage on the Billion Acts website, beaming its brilliance to thousands of youth worldwide! Get ready to shine like the peace rockstar you are!

Hold onto your hats because you're getting exclusive mentorship from global leaders. Yep, that means wisdom from peace legends around the globe!

Your project is about to get a turbo boost! With coaching from field experts, you're turning your dreams into a powerhouse of positive change. Get ready to level up!

Drumroll, please! The ultimate perk – chances to interact with the greatest peace Olympians ever, the Nobel

Peace Laureates themselves!

Steps to earn Peace Points

What are Peace Points, you ask? Well, they're like magic tokens you earn by spreading good vibes in your community and around the globe. 🌈✨ Here's some ways you can earn Peace Points

Step 1

Create Your Profile

Start by crafting your own superhero-esque profile on the Billion Acts website. Show the world your passion for peace!

Step 2

Spread Positivity with Friends

Invite your pals to the party! Earn Peace Points by bringing your buddies to the Billion Acts website and let the peace ripple grow.

Step 3

Campaigns for Change

Join the action! Jump into campaigns that are making a real difference. Whether it's saving the environment, promoting kindness, or championing equality - your efforts earn you those precious Peace Points.

Step 4

Create Your Profile

Connect with fellow youth warriors on the website, share your ideas, and inspire each other. Every interaction adds up to more Peace Points for your scoreboard!

Monthly Event

The Peace Olympics, a monthly celebration uniting nations through sports, embodies the spirit of harmony and cooperation.

February 23, 2024 - July 31, 2024
"Refer a Friend" Contest
Invite friends and family to Billion Acts - Receive 50 peace points for every new member that registers an account on Billion Acts of Peace using your...
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