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Discover your Leadership Superpower and which Nobel Laureate you are most like!

  • We know that you’re ready to become a leader in your community and beyond, and discovering your leadership style is the first step! Once you know your superpower, you can become a powerful force for peace and find teammates with different leadership styles that compliment you.
  • Learn which Nobel Peace Laureate shares your Leadership Style, and the tactics they used to change their community and that world that can help you in your journey.
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Peace Point Leaderboard

April 2024

Kamila Schertel625 Points
MARS Youth movement625 Points
Samuka Kamara 625 Points
Abdul Razak Amponsah600 Points
muhindo Ernest Emmanuel 525 Points
Pat Luther500 Points
carvajalinostephanie450 Points
Rebecca Suzik400 Points
Dale Hendricks 350 Points
Carol Kelly350 Points

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