The Billion Acts Awards

Millions of youth around the world have decided not to wait for anyone else to solve the problems they face in their communities. They are leading by example and finding unique ways to address important issues like hunger, human rights, civic engagement, education, wellness, racism, environmental protection, and creating safe communities!

You have likely met some of these rock stars or are one yourself- and we’d love to learn more about your work and introduce you to our global community of changemakers!

Please add your project here by the deadline date midnight your time, to be considered for this year’s Billion Acts Awards and to join the Billion Acts community of youth and adult allies who care as deeply as you about making the world a better place.

View Finalists from around the world by clicking the map below

Nominate a youth or add your project today!

There are three ways to nominate a youth-led project this year:

  1. Add their email, a link to their website or a Social Media profile link and your name below and they will receive a nomination email that prompts them to add their Act / Project

  2. Add your own Act or an Act for another youth leader

  3. Find an existing Act or Project on the Billion Acts website and click the “Nominate for a Billion Acts Award”

Projects Should Be:

  • Youth-led (Individual or a group aged 35 and under)
  • Address one of the Billion Acts 10 Issue Areas
  • And illustrate:
    • Social Impact: Does the project address the root cause of one of our 10 Focus Areas, and create measurable, positive change for the common good?
    • Scope: Does the project involve more than one community or group, and can it be scaled and or adapted to work in different communities?
    • Leadership: Is the project led by youth - and does it empower others to overcome challenges and create innovative solutions.

For those adding their own project, please be sure to share:

  • What issue were you trying to solve, and how did you discover it?
  • What do you believe to be the root cause of the problem, and how did you aim to solve it?
  • What changed as a result of the work you did- what did you learn, and how will you continue to work to solve the issue?

More about the Billion Acts Awards

Every year, Billion Acts reviews millions of Acts of Peace and Projects from nearly every country around the world, to identify, celebrate and amplify the amazing youth leaders who are creating change in their corner of the world. Each year, a new truly incredible group of winners are chosen and celebrated worldwide.

What is Billion Acts?

The One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign is an initiative of the PeaceJam Foundation. Guided by 14 Nobel Peace Laureates, led by millions of youth, and supported by communities worldwide, Billion Acts and PeaceJam aim to provide the platform, tools and skills necessary to help the next generation of leaders tackle the most pressing issues facing humanity and the planet.