5 Ways to Find Inner Peace in the Workplace

Inner peace may seem like a luxury for only those able to attend meditation retreats and yoga classes, but it’s actually necessary for our happiness and even our productivity. When the flood gates of to-do’s open and you find yourself working through lunch just to stay afloat, remember that checking in with yourself is essential. Projects and deadlines may be “urgent” but your mental health is essential and needs to be made a priority. Plus, your coworkers, customers and managers will appreciate a more positive, focused worker.

Quieting our mind is never easy especially when work gets busy, but here are some strategies that just may work for you:

  1. Take a Break – Whether it be your day off, paid vacation, holiday or lunch break, disconnect from work. Even those of us who love our jobs need breaks in order to stay focused, so take one! Change your environment to give you that much needed release. Do you work in noisy, crowded spaces? Maybe head to a quiet park to de-stress. Are you constantly expected to reply to emails? Disconnect your email from your phone or turn it off all together.
  2. Shower – This bit of alone time can be a great way to relax your mind before you go into work or to decompress after.
  3. Step Outside – Studies have shown that being outside can reduce stress, improve test scores and even make you nicer. Go for a walk, move your workspace outside, have a picnic for lunch, or just open a window. The fresh air is a good way to reset.
  4. Well Wishing – Meditation doesn’t necessarily require us to sit in a quiet place for minutes on end. Each hour take a moment to lift your head out of your work, look around, and wish silently wish well on three people around you. You will get many of the same benefits that the meditation of loving kindness
  5. Smell the Roses – However cliché or vague it may seem, gratitude is the key to happiness. Make a conscious effort to focus on what you do accomplish and what does go your way. Positivity has to be cultivated.

It is important to have a connection with your job but be careful not to get too attached. Attachments can fog out minds by pulling us out of the present moment even in our off time, so disconnect and detach to keep a clear, focused mind.

Carolyn Knight

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