More than 5.5 Million People Have Pledged an Act of Peace! Help us get to One Billion!

This month, as we welcomed our one-millionth visitor to the One Billion Acts of Peace website, we also reached a significant milestone in number of pledges to peace made.

Since we launched the One Billion Acts of Peace campaign on May 29, 2014, at the United Nations Social Media Summit in New York, more than 5.5 million acts of peace have been registered here on our site. This has far exceeded our annual goal, and if we continue on this growth trajectory our lofty goal of one billion acts of peace by 2019 might not be such a distant dream.

Photo by Joe Castro


Photo by Joe Castro

Every day, global citizens are inspired to log new projects onto our website — acts of peace which improve local communities and address one of the 10 key One Billion Acts of Peace campaign issue areas, which includes human rights, conflict resolution, environment sustainability and alleviation of extreme poverty.

Earlier this summer at the Monte Carlo Film Festival we also announced our inaugural Hero Award winners. These award-winning submissions serve as an example and an inspiration to people around the world, and demonstrate what can be done to address the challenges in our own communities. We encourage you to view videos of the winners and read more about their stories here.

And, if you’re looking for a really powerful and inspiring story check out our latest documentary of the amazing journey of human rights activist Adolfo Perez Esquivel.

As we continue on our journey, its important to remember everyone can make a difference no matter how small. As we get closer to International Day of Peace, on September 21 encourage others to join this movement, and create amazing!

Suzi Owens

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