PeaceJam helped pass UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons!


IMG_5596The PeaceJam delegation joined the 1000 people who walked for 2 hours in the pouring rain on June 17 to express their support for a UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons.




These same youth gave a workshop at the UN conference that successfully negotiated a legally-binding Treaty  to Ban Nuclear Weapons.



PeaceJam board member Monica Willard shared photos from the March and the UN Conference. “This historic treaty recognizes the monumental cost to life and planet if any nuclear weapon would ever be used again.  With 15,000 nuclear weapons on or planet now, it is essential to ban these weapons and totally eliminate them before they destroy us.”


Videos of some of the Students who took part at this historic event:



Peace Jam students – message for Nagasaki students from Stories of Peace NZ on Vimeo.

Bruno Guzman – Peace Jam Foundation at the #nuclearban negotiations from Stories of Peace NZ on Vimeo.

Herny Almonte Fernandez – Peace Jam Foundation supports #nuclearban from Stories of Peace NZ on Vimeo.

Peace Jam Foundation – Tyler Felson from Stories of Peace NZ on Vimeo.

Brandi Brown

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